"Before I Begin"
The debut EP from The Theory.

"Before I Begin" The debut EP from The Theory. AVAILABLE NOW!

Since the Northern California group’s formation in 2017, The Theory has quickly etched its unique sound into the Rock, Blues and Americana scene. The eclectically influenced band will inspire nostalgia, yet catch your ear with its originality and energy. Stripping down music to its core of finely crafted instrumentation and powerful, soulful vocals and harmonies, The Theory is on a mission to revitalize the essence and foundation of what makes music...music.

The identity of the band and its four members has been key in the creation of their sound and style. While taking "notes" (no pun intended...or was it) from many of history's best musicians and artists, The Theory manages to create a modern, fresh sound that tips its cap to the past yet pushes forward  into the future with great ferocity.

"We believe strongly in writing and performing songs that stay true to the roots of who we all are," Zach (guitar, harmonies) says. "We all come from different backgrounds and have had unique experiences in life which shape who we are, the songs we write and the performances we give both individually and as a group. We write songs about the dichotomy of life . Happiness and sadness. Anger and forgiveness. Hope and pessimism." As Patrick Ford (guitar, lead vocals) says, life is about the ups and downs. It is important to never let yourself get too low or get too high because you never know what is around the corner."

Their first studio EP "Before I Begin" is currently available on all major platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc).

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